Navigating Poshmark During the Summer Slow Down

Hi! I’m Desiree, co-owner of Fashion Reclaim, an online consignment store that sells on a variety of platforms but primarily we sell on Poshmark (@fashionreclaim).

Recently I’ve seen several posts from newer sellers in Poshmark related Facebook Groups concerned over the lack of sales at the tail end of May going into June. They express their concerns and ultimately believe they are doing something wrong. So, I thought I would write a reassuring post and offer some tips to help you navigate the “Summer Slow Down.”

Depending on where your packages usually end up, you’ll notice sales begin to slow down around the end of May and continue to do so up until the end of August. The shift usually begins when children are out of  school and the weather shifts to hotter temperatures. I say the end of August because in some areas children don’t go back to school until September, so it’s always a good idea to study the demographics of your average customer.

I’ve been a reseller in some capacity for the past 20 years and I have several summers under my belt. While it’s slow, there are a multitude of things you can do to help turn your Poshmark store into a well oiled machine.

Here are my tips:

  1. Tackle your death pile.
    Most of us have them. Usually they are tucked away in bins out of site, only to be mentioned when we’re comparing whose is bigger in the various Poshmark groups we belong to on Facebook.

    It’s slow but now is the perfect time to start tackling it. Set a goal to get it all listed by the end of August, you’ll thank yourself when sales start to pick up again in the fall.
    Which brings me to my next tip –

  2. Streamline your Process.
    Sit down and come up with a plan to tackle your inventory from intake to shipment. You want to figure out the best plan of action. Of course it’s going to take a lot of trial and error to get it right for you, but guess what – you’ve got several months to perfect it!

    Just think, when things pick up, imagine how fast and efficient you’ll be! The faster you can intake and list the more items you can potentially sell, the more you can make! It’s pretty much THAT easy!

  3. Organize your inventory.

    You’ve been telling yourself for months that you’re going to organize your inventory but you haven’t yet. Do it now.
    Don’t be afraid to spend a little money. Do you have a lot of inventory? Maybe you want to implement a barcode system so you can track your inventory with a simple scan. Who knows? Whatever your dream inventory management system is, summer is the perfect time to set it up!

  4. Find or build your brand.
    In the social media age you need a “Brand” or an identity to really get yourself out there. If you’re reading this post it means you are serious enough about your closet to care so it means you’re serious enough to start considering a brand.

    Who does your closet appeal to? Do you want it to have a certain image? Do your research.

    For example: Fashion Reclaim is about recycling fashion, not trends. That’s our slogan. We’ve used the recycling symbol in our logo. Our next goal is to convert all of our shipping supplies to eco-friendly, biodegradable materials (once our old stock runs out). We also try to find vintage and modern pieces that go with current fashion trends so we’re relevant while being environmentally friendly. We only sell NWT when we find things secondhand NWT. That’s our brand.

    So what’s yours?

  5. Find new places to source from.
    This is, probably, my favorite tip! My absolute favorite thing is finding new places I’ve never been. I like digging in and getting dirty and finding the coolest treasures at hidden gems on back roads. I am drawn to vintage like a moth to a flame and I find that churches in the country have some of the coolest vintage finds, to date!

    Also check charity shops, auctions, estate sales, rummage sales and even storage unit auctions! You never know where you might find the items that fit your brand.

  6. Get on Instagram.
    You’ve been telling yourself for a while that you want to gain an Instagram following so do it! Now is the perfect time to get it started. Get into the routine of posting everyday at the same time, that way when it gets busier you’re more likely to stick with it.
  7. Do your research.
    Spend time researching brands you’ve never sold before. Start looking at sold items on Poshmark and eBay and create a list. Who knows, maybe you’ll find out that some of the brands you’ve seen while sourcing but never pick up are popular moneymakers (never stop learning).
  8. Refresh your listings.
    Relist and refresh your listings. Maybe rephotograph some of your older listings. Work on getting your closet more cohesive. Did you recently change your background? Update your older listings so that they match your newer listings.
    Oh! And anytime you get a different camera or phone, redo your old photos. Over time you’ll start to notice which photos were taken with older phone cameras versus newer.
  9. Diversify what you offer.
    List more accessories: certain styles of purses are always a big hit in the summer, for me as a vintage seller it’s straw, macrame, statement bags, anything that’s going to make a skimpy outfit shine. Also shoes, hats and jewelry. I always sell more jewelry in the summer (especially statement pieces and larger earrings).
  10. And finally and most of all – Have Patience & Have fun.
    It’s just a couple of months, you’ll get through this. But if this is causing you serious stress reselling and retail might not be for you. Or maybe you just need to take a break – stress can burn you out. You work hard, go on a mini-vacation – your closet too! Step away for a few days or a week but come back! Seriously, we’ll miss you if you don’t.

Good luck Poshers!