Corfam, DuPont’s 1 million dollar mistake.

Vintage dark green Corfam change purse/wallet.

I love when sourcing brings me something completely unexpected – a vintage Corfam wallet/change purse from the 1960’s!

I can’t sleep. When this happens I often chase rabbit trails.

This is what I call my research mode. It’s when one lead leads to another and then another and then another until I’ve found the answer.

Anyway, this is a really cool find!

In 1963 DuPont launched a material called Corfam that had been discovered in the 1930’s. It was meant and intended to be a leather substitute.

DuPont predicted that by 1984 a quarter of all of the shoes made in the USA would be made from Corfam. They thoroughly researched this material.

But the material proved to be too costly to make. It also was not as flexible or breathable as it needed to be to be adequate for footwear. In fact, another material was taking the market by storm – it was cheap to make, easy to dye and were great for a “throwaway” pair of shoes. Worn once or twice and then discarded. That material was polyvinyl chloride (we know it today as PVC).

By 1971 DuPont was no longer manufacturing Corfam and the Times called it their 1 million dollar mistake.

Based on this information, I now know this change purse was made before 1971. Most likely it was made in the 60’s. It’s also more than likely a rare piece as usually the material was made into shoes and watchbands (based on my research).

I’m a total nerd for this stuff!

You can purchase this wallet here.

– Desireé